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Plugins list


Create, publish and edit plugins from within Textpattern. This plugin creates a new page under the Extensions tab where you can edit and export plugins that are already installed in Textpattern, as well as create or upload new plugins created by the community.


A simple anti-spam email obfuscator based on the ‘Hivelogic Enkoder’ obfuscation method. This plugin provides tags for use with individual emails and for container-usage to obfuscate mailto: links and plaintext emails in a block of contained HTML.


Adds a single extra custom field of up to 255 characters to the Textpattern CMS ‘Links’ panel and provides a corresponding tag to output the custom field.


AMP pages for Textpattern CMS. This conditional tag examines the URL of the current page and determines if the URL ends in ‘amp.’ This allows for a custom page to be rendered using the standards for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project.